In 1979, a very youthful electrical engineer and sound specialist, Artur V. Kirchner, manufactured his first amplifier to his own design.
He has spent most of his long career doing research into the world of sound, and in 1981 he started working in audiology. His investigations into the science of the functioning of the human ear have been helping people with hearing problems ever since.
He has always related his audiology studies to the world of high-end sound in an interesting way. These are two very different fields and involve different areas of business. However, they are also intrinsically linked to create audio amplifiers that sound perfect our ears, which achieve a more natural, realistic sound.

Arthur V. Kirchner always says: "I am proud to be able to combine all my physical and scientific knowledge to create and market high-end AVK amplifiers".

Our company has a team of highly expert professional technicians. They are craftspeople in the audio and electronics areas, which allows us to produce excellent quality, reliable products so users can enjoy the best-sounding music for many years.

"Our philosophy is to work doing what we really like, we enjoy every minute of our work, and it is a source of great pride to hear every unit we manufacture".

We are also a company with a mascot, our little dog "Trufa".
She works at AVK too, and she is the best proof of the quality of our amplifiers.
It is a well-known fact that dogs have excellent hearing, which is much more sensitive, with better definition and a wider frequency range than the human ear. Dogs hear sounds that we cannot.
When they hear the real sound of an orchestra triangle they always bark, provided the sound is not coming from an amplifier or electronic device. Incredibly, they also bark when this sound comes from an AVK amplifier.